The key point is that they can't both be right. They share only one thing - saying negative things about Microsoft.
Today we see a shift towards social media products serving as “discovery engines.”
Actually, the more energy they devote to iPhone, the better. And the more dependent they are on our choices, the better.
Their attempts to hire Sean away from us potentially indicate they believe something like Tinder could be replicated by them. I’d like to avoid that…
To get people to ditch WhatsApp and switch to Messenger, it will never be sufficient to be 10% better than them or add fun gimmicks on any existing…
I bought the high end creative labs portable player. It was the NOMAD Jukebox Zen Xtra. I have to tell you my experience with our software and this…
Since the press gave Billg & Steveb a hard time this week at the press retreat, Steveb is panic’d that we are setting expectations too high on Windows…
I read the article. It is weak sauce and still makes me sound like a liar. It is filled with equivocation and in no way indicates the strong interest…
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